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So, last week i broke the deraileur hanger of my bike. I was already overdue to leave when it happened :(

Unfortunately the hanger is out of stock at tartybikes.
As a solution i thought redesigning the part in openscad and 3d printing my own replacement might me my only option.

You can read more on gitlab if you like to know how that went.
hint: version 1 was not a success. version 2 is already in the pipeline.

But until then, as it turns out ordinary Zip Ties work surprisingly well !


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I realized that first of May will be my two year anniversary riding bike trials.

At least the basics are covered, Sidehop, Bunnyhop, Pedalkick:

Ok, the movement is not fluent, and the range of motion is lacking. To be honest, i was not aware of that prior to watching the video. On the bike i'm pushing the limits of where i am able to move. At least it feels that way. In my mental map those limits are vastly exaggerated. I think i should make more videos to approximate what i feel with the actual motion i'm doing.

Anyway, please consider that i am a guy hitting 40 who spends his whole day sitting in front of a computer screen.
Even reaching this beginner level was damn hard work.

The slow-mo parts have been made with butterflow
there is a docker image ready if you would like to try it without having to care about the installation process