'i am new here' :) i find hubzilla rather confusing, i wish they would find some ux people who could review the project.
Hi Hubert, first: welcome to Hubzilla. And this is an important job nobody really wanted to take on, unfortunately. Maybe you know someone or want to make suggestions? This keeps on coming up again and again.
Unfortunately i don't know anybody who would do it in their spare time.
I'm out too :) *sry* That's a full time job i wouldn't be qualified to do right anyway.

Making suggestions won't cut it. just because i don't get something doesn't mean average joe does not get it.
And vice versa, something obvious to me might be horribly wrong to joe.
And even if you identified a really better way to reach a goal. You would have to convince people to whom it is perfectly clear how a process works (and is supposed to work) that they are wrong and change is worth the development cost - no thanks, i'm not up for that.